Gypcrete is a suitable choice for underlayments in commercial buildings, multi-family units, and single-family homes. The uniformity with which it settles allows it to easily be paired with many types of flooring, making it a good option for either an initial build or a complete home renovation. At Hacker Industries, we have an experienced team of installers who can pour the gypsum concrete underlayment for your next residential job. Here are five reasons to choose gypcrete for your home’s underlayment:

1. Improved Noise Insulation

Building components carry sound transmission class (STC) and impact insulation class (IIC) ratings to identify their noise-attenuating abilities. Our gypsum concrete products perform well at minimizing internal noise and routinely satisfy in these categories. Hacker Industries, Inc. helped collaborate on the first sound codes developed in the United States, and we know how to maximize the sound attenuation capabilities this underlayment offers.

Gypsum concrete’s sound-dampening capabilities are due to its composition and structure. Gypsum, cement, water, and sand come together in a compact framework, leaving little space through which sound waves can travel. The concrete is then laid out uniformly across the structure’s floor, distributing its weight evenly and limiting the potential for cracks. Sound mats can also be installed on top of the underlayment to further insulate from noise. This all helps absorb sound from impacts inside the home and limits vibrations from wind or foundation settling.

2. Enhanced Safety and Security

Regulators recognize gypsum concrete for its ability to stand up to fire. This recognition is conveyed throughhour fire” ratings. Hour fire ratings describe a material’s ability to remain intact an hour after being exposed to fire. A one-hour rating is viewed as an industry standard; gypsum concrete underlayments come with ratings up to four hours. This is due to the crystallized water contained within the gypsum. As the underlayment is heated, that water evaporates and cools the concrete, reducing heat transmission. This property makes it a valuable material for enhancing fire safety in homes. It can help contain fires and prevent them from spreading rapidly, giving occupants more time to evacuate safely.

3. Increased Durability 

Advances in gypsum concrete composition have improved its durability for use in homes and other buildings. The pounds per square inch (PSI) rating for gypcrete underlayments refers to the compressive strength of the material, indicating how much force it can withstand before it deforms or fails. This rating is key in construction, especially for flooring underlayments where the material must support the weight of flooring materials and furniture without collapsing. At Hacker Industries, our products range from 1200 to 5500 PSI. These ratings meet the requirements set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

PSI ratings also indicate how well an underlayment can avoid the potential for cracks. Cracks may occur due to pressure differences caused by separations between a house’s main foundation and its flooring materials as the foundation settles over time. The distribution of a gypsum concrete underlayment can match that of the house’s main concrete slab, limiting the potential for separation between the two layers. Such a feature is beneficial for homes built on particularly expansive soils.

4. Simplified Installation 

Installing gypsum concrete requires only water, the necessary aggregate, and a place for a pump to power the hoses. This material is also lighter than traditional concrete, making it easier to work with. These advantages allow the team at Hacker Industries to lay up to 25,000 square feet of gypsum concrete underlayment in a single day.

The water composition of a gypsum aggregate contributes to self-leveling, allowing the underlayment to set easily with minimum manipulation. Gypcrete also cures quickly. A newly poured gypsum underlayment can be walked on after just 90 minutes. This faster resumption of foot traffic can further hasten the completion of a new build or home renovation.

5. Green Building Materials 

 A resurfacing job can quickly restore an old underlayment to the same structural integrity it initially offered. These services (coupled with gypsum’s already impressive durability) allow for a long operational life. This allows homeowners to enjoy the green benefits of a gypsum underlayment for many years after its initial application.

Use Gypcrete To Support Your Home

Gypcrete is a versatile and functional product used to provide a stable base for flooring during home construction. Incorporating it into your home can be relatively easy, allowing you to benefit from its durable, sound-insulating, and fire-resistant properties. At Hacker Industries, we employ a team of trained, professionally licensed applicators. Our experienced installers can quickly apply this underlayment, accelerating your project’s timeline. Contact us today for more information on our many gypcrete products and services.