Concrete Toppings & Self-Levelers

Hacker Industries, Inc. has solutions for a wide array of topping and leveling problems. From schools to retail, Hacker Industries, Inc. provides cost effective products to meet many leveling needs.

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Concrete Toppings & Self-Levelers Product Benefits

Resurfacing & Repair

Hacker Industries, Inc. offers two options for Resurfacing and Repair applications. The first is our FIRM-FILL brand Gypsum Concretes, which achieve compressive strengths up to 5,500 PSI when tested according to ASTM C472. The second is TRUE-SCREED CLU product, which is a cost effective hydraulic cement. It achieves compressive strengths up to 6,000 PSI when tested according to ASTM C109.
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Hacker Floor Underlayments are Self-Leveling. They require minimal water to achieve excellent flow. They leave a surface that is smooth, flat and hard. Our products offer methods for installing virtually any finished floor covering.
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Sound Attenuating

Sound Attenuation is not just for residential structures. Any structure that uses lightweight construction can have airborne, or structural, noise transmission issues that Hacker Floor Underlayments can help to control.
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Hacker Floor Underlayments have been Green, since it was a just a color. Our full line of poured floor underlayments and sound control mats include recycled content and has low emissions.
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Our FIRM-FILL brand Gypsum Concretes are essential components in Fire-Rated floor-ceiling assemblies for a wide variety of commercial applications.
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