Corrugated Metal Decking

With developable lots at a premium in many markets, increased density has become a consideration for many builders. Light gage steel building enables structures to be built higher than wood frame structures, while retaining many of its advantages. Poured gypsum underlayments are an ideal complement to those structures.

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Corrugated Metal Decking Product Benefits


FIRM-FILL CMD has one and two-hour Fire-Ratings for use over steel joists in conjunction with corrugated metal decking.
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FIRM-FILL CMD is Lightweight and reduces the dead load on the building by 55% when compared to three inches of traditional concrete.
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Quick Drying

FIRM-FILL CMD is Quick Drying. Our floors set in 90 minutes. Construction traffic can proceed the next day. Ultimate strengths are achieved in 10-14 days when the building is properly ventilated.
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High Strength

FIRM-FILL CMD is High Strength. With a minimum compressive strength of 3500 psi when tested according to ASTM C472, FIRM-FILL CMD is harder than most traditional concrete floors.
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