Hacker Industries, Inc. has a long-term, ongoing commitment to providing the best possible solutions for multi-family living. Our FIRM-FILL brand Gypsum Concretes have proven to be the best answer for many of the questions posed by families living above, or below, each other.

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Multi-Family Product Benefits


FIRM-FILL brand Gypsum Concretes are included in over 100 UL listings. We assist wood, steel and concrete structures to attain 1-4 hour fire-ratings. These assemblies have been successfully used in over a billion square feet of apartments and condos, hotels and motels.
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Sound Attenuating

The top reasons that tenants move out of their volition. FIRM-FILL brand Gypsum Concretes have been reducing unwanted noise in multi-family structures for over 25 years. Hacker Industries, Inc. has been on the leading edge of several key innovations in floor-ceiling noise control.
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FIRM-FILL brand Gypsum Concretes offer a flat, durable surface for the installation of finished floor goods. Hacker Industries, Inc. has led the industry in creating a higher standard in poured gypsum underlayments. We continue to innovate in producing flatter, harder surfaces for floor covering installers to place their materials over.
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FIRM-FILL brand Gypsum Concrete has been green since it was just a color. When we formulated the original Hacker Floor Underlayment in 1983, it included recycled content. There has been recycled content in every Hacker Floor Underlayment since. Our products contribute to several LEED credits and are certified for their low emissions.
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