Radiant Floor Heating

Some days, it takes more than your family to keep you warm. GYP-SPAN Radiant has been specially formulated for use in conjunction with radiant heating products. Together, they provide an even heat distribution that will see you through the coldest winter in comfort.

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Radiant Floor Heating Product Benefits

Thermal Mass

GYP-SPAN Radiant is the ideal Thermal Mass for use over your radiant heating system. Unlike ordinary concrete, Gypsum Underlayments do not shrink away from heat tubes and, therefore, maximize the performance of your radiant system.
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Sound Attenuating

Comfort is not just warmth. GYP-SPAN Radiant is also Sound Attenuating, by adding mass to the floor-ceiling assembly in your home. That mass limits the transmission of airborne sounds. Structure-born sounds can be controlled through the use of a sound mat.
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Finally, GYP-SPAN Radiant helps the environment by being a Green underlayment material. It contributes to several LEED credits and has low VOC emissions. That should make you more comfortable, too.
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