Sound Attenuation Systems

The founders of Hacker Industries, Inc. helped write the first sound code in the United States. From those early efforts, we have continued to stay on the leading edge of technologies for improving noise control in lightweight structures. We currently offer two types of solutions to noise problems: entangled net sound mats under the FIRM-FILL SCM Brand and Recycled Rubber Mats under the Hacker Sound Mat Brand.

Featured Products

Sound Attenuation Systems Product Benefits

Acoustical Guidelines

Hacker Industries, Inc.’s FIRM-FILL® Gypsum Concretes and Sound Control Mats meet rigorous standards and help reduce noise transmission between units to ensure peace of mind and meet today’s high expectations. Our dedication to the building community and our commitment to quality are as strong as the floors our products create.

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Low Profile

Reducing the transition from mat areas to non-mat areas is the focus of our Low Profile Solutions. Many floor coverings can achieve code, with a minimal transition between mat and non-mat areas, with a properly installed floor-ceiling assembly.

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Hacker Industries, Inc. has a commitment to the environment. Our Green Solutions help to achieve code-compliant noise control in properly installed assemblies by using 100% post-consumer recycled rubber.

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High Performance

Hacker Industries, Inc. is diligent in its efforts to produce High Performance Solutions for residential noise control. A significant part of those efforts is developing products in conjunction with innovative companies.

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Featured Application

FIRM-FILL® SCM is a component in an overall floor/ceiling assembly. Its performance is affected by every other component and the likelihood of achieving code compliance is contingent upon many other trades including (but not limited to) framers, plumbers and drywall contractors. Developers and general contractors are responsible for building properly and testing field performance as soon as possible in order to assure the reliability of the project.

WARNING: Laboratory tests are not a guarantee of field performance because of the issues noted above and many other design errors that may occur. Please consult a professional acoustical consultant to assure plans are proper and that the floor/ceiling assembly can perform to expectations.