Commercial buildings include spaces like hotels, offices, restaurants, and shopping malls. Installing sound mats in these buildings enhances customers’ experiences and decreases noise pollution. Hacker Industries offers high-quality sound insulation mats for a variety of commercial uses. Here is more information about the ways sound mats can help in commercial buildings: 


Sound insulation mats provide an added measure of privacy to commercial spaces. Hotel guests can enjoy their rooms without worrying about loud neighbors, and office employees will be able to discuss private information in conference rooms without being overheard. Medical clinics and law offices require high levels of confidentiality to protect patient and client information. Noise-dampening mats reduce the sound transmission between rooms and floors, confirming that confidential medical and legal conversations are protected. 

Legal Compliance 

Some building codes require commercial establishments to meet high standards for sound transmission. Building owners and tenants can avoid legal fines or penalties by laying sound mats that meet their area’s regulatory requirements. Hacker Industries helps commercial buildings maintain compliance by providing the necessary level of sound insulation. Our team will evaluate the noise regulations in your area and recommend suitable noise-dampening solutions.

Fire Protection

The materials used in sound-insulating mats create a fire-resistant layer in commercial spaces. This layer is beneficial for businesses and building owners who work with combustible materials, open flames, or electrical components. Our team offers top-quality fire-rated sound mats for enhanced occupant protection. Before installing the mats, we will assess the layout of your building to identify areas with high noise levels that are at a greater risk of fire damage.

Material Longevity

Along with providing reliable soundproofing, sound mats are built to last in high-traffic areas. Whether you are installing them in a gym, library, or other public commercial space, soundproof mats are durable enough to withstand constant foot traffic over time. Our team provides high-strength flooring mats that withstand 1,200 to over 5,000 PSI. Installing a long-lasting product in your commercial space keeps the building safe and comfortable for years.

Customer Satisfaction

Adding quality soundproofing to a retail space may contribute to increased customer satisfaction. Malls, restaurants, and many other commercial spaces become loud when they are occupied by a large number of customers. Excessive noise levels interrupt verbal interactions between staff members and customers. Sound insulation mats help enhance the customer experience by providing a quieter and more comfortable environment. The improved acoustics reduce background noise to enable clearer communication. 

If a business owner establishes a hotel near a high-traffic area, like a popular restaurant or highway, they may need to provide an additional layer of sound insulation for their guests. Noise reduction is necessary in hotels and other establishments where the guests will be resting or relaxing. Sound mats absorb and block noise transmission through walls and floors, helping to create a more peaceful atmosphere.

Employee Productivity

Office workers in commercial buildings may be distracted from their daily tasks and objectives if there is too much noise coming from co-workers, music, phones, and other environmental sources. High noise levels that affect employee productivity can be dampened by sound mats that reduce external noises within an office building. They limit sound reverberation and absorb noise between walls and floors. Employees may experience enhanced productivity and focus with the help of noise-reducing mats in their commercial office spaces. 

Energy Efficiency

Soundproof mats increase a building’s energy efficiency by offering thermal insulation. Placing this product in your commercial building helps keep cool air inside during the summer and warm air inside during the winter. This allows businesses to save money on heating and cooling over time. Our team will assess the energy needs of your commercial building before installing the appropriate thermal insulating sound mats in the space.

Install Sound Mats in Your Commercial Space

Hacker Industries offers a range of noise-reducing mats for various commercial spaces. Whether you are looking to reduce noise pollution or add a layer of fire protection to your building, we can help you find the right solution for your needs. Our lightweight, high-performance soundproofing underlayments provide an effective solution for commercial building owners wanting to reduce overall noise levels. Explore our website or reach out to our team today to learn more about our quality soundproof mats.