Soundproofing during construction creates a comfortable living environment by reducing impact noise between different rooms and floors. Inadequate sound insulation increases distractions and impacts residents’ quality of living. Installing a sound mat underneath the flooring mitigates sound transmission and minimizes impact noise. It also helps address certain building requirements and regulations.

What Is a Sound Mat?

A sound mat is a floor underlayment product designed to improve sound insulation between rooms and floors. We install these mats in residential homes, multi-family units, office buildings, and other locations to reduce impact noise. They are installed during construction underneath the home’s flooring and are made from materials such as rubber, foam, cork, or synthetic fibers. At Hacker Industries, we engineer our soundproofing mats to absorb and dissipate sound energy, reducing sound transmission through floors, ceilings, and walls. 

How Do They Improve Sound Insulation and Reduce Impact Noise?

Soundproofing mats improve sound insulation and reduce impact noise by absorbing sound energy that is being transferred from one floor to another. They do this using physical absorption and damping mechanisms. When more energy is absorbed, less noise will bleed into different stories. We provide products made from various materials and in multiple thicknesses and densities. This allows you to create a floor underlayment that reduces noise disturbances from various sources. Our wide selection of products allows you to choose a solution that will meet your soundproofing needs.

What are IIC Requirements and STC Levels?

Impact isolation class (IIC) ratings measure a floor’s ability to absorb impact sound. A sound transmission class (STC) rating is a score that shows a whole building’s ability to reduce sound. The International Building Code (IBC) has requirements surrounding the minimum IIC between adjacent dwelling units. The higher the rating, the more soundproof a building is, which is why a high rating is often a desirable characteristic for living accommodations. Our products offer a cost-effective way to address IIC requirements and help create sound-resistant floors that meet the high IIC and STC levels that are required by IBC 2009. Installing our sound mats can also confirm that you remain compliant with local building codes and ordinances.

What Are the Benefits?

Sound mats improve sound insulation and enhance privacy by reducing noise transmission and sound-related disturbances. This makes living and working environments more comfortable by reducing unwelcome noises. Soundproofing mats from Hacker Industries have other benefits, including:


Our soundproofing products are durable and reliable. We designed them to maintain their effectiveness over a long period of time. This contributes to the longevity of building structures and helps reduce impact noise for years.


Soundproofing mats are a cost-effective solution for soundproofing between floors. Installing them can also help you remain compliant with building codes and regulations, so you don’t need to add them after construction is finished. This enables you to save money on future renovation and upgrade costs.


Floor underlayments from Hacker Industries are part of over 100 UL-rated floor and ceiling assemblies. Our products have one-to-four-hour fire ratings. This means your floor is resistant to fire, allowing you and your family time to evacuate the building safely. 

What Are the Most Common Sound Mat Applications?

Sound mats can be used across a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We can install them in single-family homes or residential buildings, such as condos and apartment buildings, to reduce the sound of footsteps, talking, and music between floors and rooms. Commercial spaces such as offices and retail stores may also use these mats to create quieter spaces that improve customer experience and employee productivity. 

Sound mats can be used in more specialized applications, like educational and healthcare facilities. Schools and universities use them to mitigate noise from other classrooms or hallways. This helps eliminate distractions for students. Healthcare facilities use soundproofing to improve patient privacy and maintain confidentiality by reducing noise transmission between rooms and corridors. 

Purchase Floor Underlayment Products From Hacker Industries

Installing sound mats underneath flooring allows you to improve sound insulation and remain compliant with IIC requirements and building codes. Hacker Industries supplies reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective underlayment products and systems. Our licensed applicators have installed four billion square feet of mats across North America. Browse our sound mat options and other products today to find a solution that meets your needs.