Links of Interest

Blastcrete Equipment Company
From gypsum flooring to epoxy grouting, Blastcrete provides the industry standard in self-contained mixer/pump combinations for high rise construction, flooring underlayments, and various concrete repair applications.

GypsumToday is a new and unique portal website, with content designed for leading manufacturers, distributors, contractors, builders and architects involved in the North American construction industry. This new website provides a wealth of information and benefits.

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
NAHB, a trade association acting as the “voice of America’s Housing Industry,” helps promote policies that will keep housing a national priority. Hacker Industries, Inc. is a strong supporter of NAHB and participates in NAHB’s International Builders’ Show – the largest annual construction industry show in the world. See our virtual exhibit under Backer Board and Underlayments.

The Noble Company
Manufacturers of NobleSeal CIS and TS, a single sheet chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) membrane. Hacker Industries’ recommends these crack-isolation membranes be used when tile floor coverings are installed over Hacker Floor Underlayments.

Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA)
RPA is a trade organization committed to facilitating communication and cooperation among those interested in the advancement of the radiant heating industry. Hacker Industries is a strong supporter of the RPA organization and participates in their annual trade shows.

Specco Industries
Manufacturers of Specco S-55, a clear, water-based, vinyl acrylic co-polymer that is recommended for sealing gypsum flooring. It provides resistance to water, oil, grease and de-icing chemicals. Hacker Industries, Inc. recommends the use of this underlayment sealer.

Strong Manufacturing
The nation’s leading manufacturer of equipment for mixing and pumping gypsum concrete floor underlayments. Recommended supplier of pumping equipment for Hacker Floor Underlayments.