Press Release

Top Reasons GC’s Choose Licensed Applicators of Hacker Industries

June 4, 2018

1. Qualified
To become a Licensed Applicator of Firm-Fill® Sound Control Mats (SCM) and Gypsum Concrete Underlayments (GCU), a potential is asked to verify that they have the resources to become a dependable installer of Firm-Fill® SCM and Firm-Fill® GCU. Use of recommendations from GC’s are always invaluable.

2. Thoroughly Trained
Once a company becomes a Licensed Applicator of Firm-Fill® products, they go through several days of hands-on training, on active job sites and in a classroom setting. Hacker Industries technical staff also provides support on the Applicator’s first pour.

3. Install Code Approved Products
Firm-Fill® SCM and GCU meet the latest IBC codes with receipt of ICC-ES ESR 3386 and IAPMO ER-474 evaluation reports, as well as HUD 1255e – not all underlayment products or suppliers meet these latest code approvals.

4. They Meet the Needs of Any Project
If cost is a GC’s number one concern on a project, our Licensed Applicators can install a quality product at a competitive price. Does the project require high STC and IIC sound ratings? Our Licensed Applicators can install the best, laboratory tested underlayment systems to obtain these ratings.

5. Backed by Hacker Industries, Inc.
Hacker Industries, Inc. fully stands behind our Licensed Applicators and supports them to the fullest extent to ensure quality, fairness and reliability. Firm-Fill® products are installed in high and low-rise multifamily and commercial projects nationwide.

This is why when a Licensed Applicator of Hacker Industries is chosen for a project, the GC knows they’re contracting with an applicator who will do the job right.