Hacker Product Benefits


When it comes to fire ratings, Hacker Floor Underlayments smoke in UL listings … over a hundred times. (more)

Sound Attenuating

The silence is golden when the gypsum concrete is a Hacker Floor Underlayment. (more)


We would level with you, but Hacker Floor Underlayments do it all by themselves. (more)


Hacker Floor Underlayments have been Green, since it was just a color. (more)

Resurfacing & Repair

At Hacker Industries, Inc., we believe in the power of making what’s old new again. (more)

Thermal Mass

Some like it hot; we prefer toasty. (more)


Hacker Floor Underlayments don’t need to throw their weight around to be recognized as the best. (more)

Quick Drying

Hacker Floor Underlayments never leave you hanging out to dry. (more)

High Performance

Reputations are built on performance and ours is high. (more)

Low Profile

To address high frequency noise, we like to stay low. (more)

Extends Working Time

Your adhesive quitting time has just been postponed. (more)

Abrasion Resistant

We know how important it is not to rub your underlayment the wrong way. (more)

High Strength

They say you are only as strong as your weakest link. We don’t have one. (more)