Hacker Floor Underlayments
Product Benefits: Lightweight

Hacker Floor Underlayments don’t need to throw their weight around to be recognized as the best.

Since the original FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concrete was introduced to the construction marketplace, we have had a distinct advantage over traditional poured concrete, the greatest difference being the weight of our products. Regular concrete weighs in at 18 lbs per square foot versus gypsum concrete’s 13 lbs, and unlike concrete, FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concretes don’t have the tendency to shrink or crack.

With the modern construction trend of building tall, light-gage steel structures in high-density, premium markets, FIRM-FILL CMD provides an ideal compliment. Developed specifically for use over corrugated steel deck in multi-family, commercial and institutional buildings, 1” thickness of installed FIRM-FILL CMD reduces the dead load on the building by 55% when compared to three inches of traditional concrete, and cost savings are significant. We don’t need the weight to be strong.