Hacker Floor Underlayments
Product Benefits: Resurfacing & Repair

At Hacker Industries, Inc., we believe in the power of making what’s old new again.

Re-use. Recycle. Words that we use as a call to action to make what’s old new again. At Hacker Industries, Inc., we use the words Resurface and Repair.

When a rehabilitation job calls for a concrete topping or leveling product, Hacker Industries offers two options for resurfacing and repair applications. FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concretes achieve compressive strengths up to 5,500 psi when used per ASTM C472m. For a cost-effective hydraulic cement, TRU-SCREED CLU achieves compressive strengths up to 6,000 psi when tested according to ASTM C109M.

Differences Between Gypsum Cements and Hydraulic Cements

Tested per ASTM C472 Tested per ASTM C109
Cost effective Premium Price
Uses bulk sand Uses either bulk, or pre-blended silica, sand
High Volume (30,000+ SF a day) production Low Volume Production
Acceptable dry/cure times Good dry/cure times
Numerous Sound ratings No Sound ratings
Thicker fill applications Thinner ( under 1/4″ avg.) applications
Up to 3″ in single lift 1″ maximum in single lift
Minimal floor preparation Extensive floor prep; Profiling required
Acceptable over wood or concrete Acceptable over concrete
Underlayment only Underlayment or overlayment
Acceptable over sound mat Not acceptable over sound mat
100+ UL Ratings Few UL Ratings