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About Us

Hacker Industries, Inc. supplies our Licensed Applicators and their customers, the professional building community in North America, floor underlayment products and systems that are unequaled in quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

To learn more about our company history, visit Company Overview. To learn why our products are the solution to your building needs, please visit About our Products. To find a Licensed Applicator, visit our Find a Licensed Applicator page.

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Hacker Industries, Inc.
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Company Overview

Hacker Industries, Inc. was established upon the simple belief that when given a choice of floor underlayments, the building community would choose the product of greater value. This basic mission statement has formed the foundation of a growing business for the past 30 years. It controls the decisions we make in suppliers, applicators and partners. Our consistent commitment has been to supply extraordinary value through the highest quality floor underlayments applied by the best Licensed Applicators. This commitment remains solid and unchanged.

In the years since 1983, Hacker Floor Underlayments have been applied to a huge variety of structures in a wide variety of applications. They provide the sound resistance that is vital to comfortable living in multi-family projects; provide a one-hour fire rating in an apartment or office building; act as an effective thermal floor mass for radiant heating floor systems and furnish a level, solid surface for floor coverings.

All Hacker floor underlayments meet ASTM F2419: Standard Practice for the Installation of Thick Poured Gypsum Concrete Underlayments and the Preparation of the Surface to Receive Resilient Flooring. With installation methods listed in the TCA Handbook, 100+ Underwriters Laboratories listings, and approvals from ICC-ES and HUD, our products will meet demanding project specifications and exceed the expectations of everyone involved in the construction project. Hacker Industries is also a member of NAHB's National Council of the Housing Industry - The Supplier 100.

Hacker Industries, Inc. does not sell its products directly to the general public. Rather, it provides distribution through a network of trained Licensed Applicators. This ensures that the end user will have the highest quality floor available in the market today.

Needless to say, quality is not only a final objective but also a process — a process which requires constant refinement and renewed commitment. Hacker Industries implements this belief by continuing to refine our application methods, improve upon our installation equipment and expand and develop our product lines. Let Our Products Floor You®.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Floor Underlayments?

Floor Underlayments are comprised of several categories of products that are installed over a structurally sound subfloor (L/360). These categories include Gypsum Concrete, Lightweight Concrete and panel products.

Floor Underlayments are necessary for many reasons in many different types of construction:

  • Floor Underlayments act as an integral part of the floor ceiling assembly for fire and sound ratings.
  • Floor Underlayments satisfy building codes.
  • Floor Underlayments provide a smooth, rock-solid floor surface for the installation of finished floor coverings.


What are the benefits of Gypsum Concrete Floor Underlayments?

  • Gypsum concrete floor underlayments provide a flat, crack-resistant monolithic surface that is ideal for finished floor goods.
  • Gypsum concrete floor underlayments provide additional sound isolation from unit to unit.
  • Centralized national distribution enables quality control standards to be applied in all markets.
  • Speed of gypsum concrete floor underlayment installation and rapid set time enables other trades to proceed the next day.
  • Feather-edge to 3.5 inch applications enable renovations to existing, uneven subfloors.
  • Gypsum concrete floor underlayments eliminate nail pops or squeaks associated with plywood subfloors.
  • Gypsum concrete floor underlayments have National code approvals; UL listings.
  • Gypsum concrete floor underlayments add mass to subfloor that dampens vibration for firm feeling underfoot.
  • All Hacker floor underlayments meet ASTM F2419.
  • Gypsum concrete floor underlayments are listed in the Tile Council of America Handbook.
  • Licensed gypsum concrete floor underlayment Applicators.


Why Specify Hacker Industries as your Floor Underlayment Supplier?

Hacker Industries, Inc. has demonstrated a commitment to being the leading floor underlayment supplier.

  • The principals of Hacker Industries, Inc. possess 35 years of floor underlayment experience, 19 years as a gypsum concrete floor underlayment supplier.
  • Hacker Industries, Inc. has a reputation for honesty, integrity, fairness and concern.
  • Family owned and operated since 1983.
  • Hacker Industries, Inc. is the leader in providing a family of products offering innovative floor underlayment solutions to the design professional, builder and end-user.
  • Hacker Industries, Inc.'s well-trained, dedicated staff answers incoming phone calls personally, directing questions and inquiries to the proper department for a timely, accurate response.
  • Hacker Industries, Inc. employs the most stringent quality control policies.
  • Floor underlayment product support is provided through Hacker Industries, Inc. and independent expert resources thereby ensuring the best result for your clients.
  • Hacker Industries, Inc. is dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Hacker Industries, Inc. supplies the building community through a national network of over 80 expertly trained Licensed Floor Underlayment Applicators ready to bid any job.


Specify Hacker Industries as your floor underlayment product supplier because they are versatile, high-strength products that meet the most demanding project specifications

  • Over a billion square feet of successful Floor Underlayment applications from Maine to South Korea.
  • Meet ASTM F2419, Standard Practice for the Installation of Thick Poured Gypsum Concrete and the Preparation of the Surface to Receive Resilient Floors.
  • Versatile application techniques make Hacker Floor Underlayment products effective in new construction, renovation and repair projects.
  • Hacker Floor Underlayment products are ideal for commercial, multi-family and single-family residential applications.
  • Endless Floor Underlayment application possibilities. From baseball stadiums, high-rise buildings, showboats and historic structures, to sprawling multi-family housing complexes, any Hacker Floor Underlayment meets or exceeds challenging product specifications.
  • Hacker Floor Underlayment products are an integral part of 86 UL-rated floor/ceiling assemblies with one to four hour fire ratings.
  • FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concretes Floor Underlayment and GYP-SPAN Radiant Floor Underlayment rank number one in customer satisfaction among gypsum concrete suppliers.
  • Rapid installation. Up to 25,000 square feet of floor underlayment can be installed in a single day for ease and efficiency in scheduling other trades.
  • Hacker Floor Underlayment products set without shrinking or cracking for optimum energy efficiency and sound control.
  • Hacker Floor Underlayment products are manufactured in geographically diverse locations for cost-efficiency and ease in product delivery, while ensuring a secondary product supply source in the event of a plant emergency.
  • To satisfy necessary code requirements for fire resistance, it is essential to specify a Hacker Floor Underlayment to attain a minimum one-hour fire rating. Hacker Floor Underlayment products also have approvals from ICC-ES and HUD.
  • Hacker Floor Underlayment products provide excellent STC and IIC sound ratings for building code requirements.
  • Sound ratings are further enhanced when used in conjunction with Hacker Sound Mat II to provide a premium standard of living.
  • Hacker products are installed only by expertly trained Licensed Floor Underlayment Applicators who adhere to strict quality control procedures and share Hacker Industries, Inc.'s commitment to excellence.